• Hello lovelies – HOORAY for Friday is all i can say!! Five day weeks are for the birds! So it’s been a busy week on this side – The Captain and i confirmed some tickets to Turkey for a babymoon and we’re leaving in exactly two weeks time, hooray! In that time i have a shedload of work to do for Good Housekeeping as deadline for our July issue is next week, i have three bedrooms to move and decorate and a shoot to prepare to document the changes. Gumtree asked if i wanted to get involved in DIY’ing some finds off their site and you can imagine i jumped at the opportunity, so this weekend i’m painting bits and bobs for the girls new rooms that i found va their app, which is SO useful and easy to use. I’ve ordered some pretties from Skinny la Minx, i’ve bookmarked some fab finds from MrP Home and i’m searching for other bits and bobs (like desk chairs) for them. Thanks to Mandy’s inspiring paint post on Wednesday, i know exactly how i want to paint Charley’s old changing/dressing table so i can hopefully get that done early next week too! Shew!!

    On that note, i’m going to share some beaut kids rooms images today – while i use Pinterest a lot, i do tend to save extra special images i see on my desktop as inspiration for posts…and today is one of those days!













    Each and every one of those pix has an element that i would love to replicate in some way and some day!

    Have a happy day lovelies!

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    1. Yvonne on


    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Delightful – my granddaughters would love the options – thank you

    3. Bevin le Roux on

      Obsessed with kids rooms, so many awesome things to do. Would love to hear more about the Gum Tree app…
      happy weekend

    4. Vicki on

      Bev, its fabulous! You can add items you’ve found to your watchlist, you can message the seller via the app and you can set alerts for items you’re looking for – that’s proven to be the best as i’ve found some things i’ve been looking for and been the first to get them! V x

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