• Good morning lovelies. It’s Mandy with some colour inspiration today, and yes, it’s all about pink. Pink is a colour that I adore as an accent in furniture and soft furnishings and accessories, but it’s never one that’s top of mind for me when it comes to walls. But pink deserves a look-in if you’re thinking of a major revamp or just a quick paint makeover: it can be fresh and pretty or bohemian and bold; it makes everything around it really pop; as a single feature wall, light pink draws the eye without dominating the space; it gives a traditional space (such as a period home with mouldings and other classic features) a fashionable update; and I like the fact that it’s not a mainstream choice – the homes I love the most belong to owners who don’t care about following the decorating rules and, as a result, have their own unique personalities. Take a look at these examples of walls that have been given a pink finish; there’s lots to like.
    1 This child’s bedroom is a sweet candy pink. Lots of natural light, the white ceiling, vintage furniture and wooden floorboards balance out any saccharine leanings.

    A small paint job can have a really big impact. Pops of bright colour and a copper pipe used to hang coats, bags and hats is right up there in the cool stakes.

    This is so my cuppa. Love the bohemian vibe achieved with this lovely, intense shade, the eclectic gallery wall and bedding that picks up on the bougainvillea shade on the wall.
    Natural, unpainted wood and pink make for a modern pairing. The graphic shapes of the shelves are also highlighted against the sugary backdrop. Yellow and pink are BFFs, with each colour making the other look more intense and fabulous.
    A three-quarter painted light pink wall (with white for the rest) is such a pretty option, but also feels contemporary thanks to the mix of furnishings, decor and elements of black – hits of black always makes pink look modern.
    A pink feature wall in a kitchen is warm, inviting and, in this case, gorgeously boho. Pink makes such a brilliant backdrop for an eclectic selection of paintings and framed prints.
    This bathroom, with its pink feature wall, is so lovely. Once again the gallery wall works brilliantly against a pink backdrop – it’s very European – and elements of gold and copper (and the burnished silver of the bath) add a layer of luxe that’s almost edible. Sort of like a gold leaf foiled macaroon. 

    Dusty pink and charcoal make for a modern pairing and is definitely a more grown up option if you’re thinking of going with pink. Black lighting and warm wood furniture keeps the urban chic mood going.
    In combination with grey, the greens of the plants and botanical print and raw wooden floorboards, this ultra light pink wall feels like it’s the ‘new’ neutral.

    Nothing like pastel pink to perk up a dining room. I like how it’s reinforced in the framed print, the decorative letter ‘y’, and little pops of pink in the flowers, the bowl on the table and the chair fabric.
    This shade of saccharine pink can go oh-so-wrong, but when used in a space that combines retro furniture with a few exotic finds and lots of vintage, it totally works (and then some). This space feels like it should belong to some really cool globetrotting fashionista/UN ambassador/blogger.
    There’s a lot of decorating know-how going on here: the eclectic but carefully edited gallery wall; the collectible furnishings; the parquet floor; the retro pendant shade; and the graphic prints. The pink backdrop adds funk and prettiness to this city space.
    Sunshine yellow is even more sunshiney against a pink backdrop. It’s just such a feel good combo.
    While yellow and pink is a commonly seen combination, a pink backdrop gives green an incredibly vibrant energy. Love!
    This yummy shade of watermelon is unapologetic in its brightness. Equally vibrant images making up a gallery wall create a happy whole. 

    A brilliant two-in-one cheat from Pip Studio: electric pink wall colour with an eclectic ‘instant’ gallery wall of prints, pictures and objects. Pip Memories wallpaper in pink. 

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