• I love having fresh flowers at home and try to make sure we have at least one vase or jar filled with them at any one time. Now that we have dahlias in the garden this has been possible but i’m all too aware that their season is coming to an end…this shoot, spotted in the latest Martha Stewart magazine offers so much in the way of inspiration on how flowers can really add something extra to your home…

    isn’t that container beautiful? This picture makes me want to always have flowers on my desk.

    white and glass vessels really love green and more white

    isn’t that top image just beautiful? And i love how both images show how coloured glass vessels really do the trick

    who doesn’t love spring blossoms? You can get large vessels like this from Block & Chisel

    and who says it has to all be about flowers? Love this image…

  • 7 Comments to “Monday Interior Inspiration – Living with Flowers”

    1. Ursula on

      Beautiful inspiration for a monday morning, STUNNING! Thank you x

    2. Brenda Finch on

      gosh so stunning!!! inspired for the day. xxx

    3. Kimberley on

      What a gorgeous post! Such inspiration to keep the flowers coming! 🙂 thanks

    4. deb field on

      just what I needed this morning! THank you!!!XX

    5. Sarah on

      Stunning! So inspiring.

    6. Colleen on

      Stunning – the first one is my favourite 🙂

    7. laura on

      stunning stunning, for those of you in cape town, there is Belinda Soboil(Bella for flowers), who will come and show you how to use whats in your garden…….our own martha stewart!!

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