• Ooh guys! Ooh, ooh, ooh. I know I’m all Pollyanna-ish about pings of bright colour in the home but my Goth sensibilities are tingling like crazy after seeing the outrageously cool and sophisticated potential of black tiles. On a serious style note, black is the chicest way to define a space and make a bold, edgy statement. What makes dark tiles work in all these instances – as with everything in decorating – is balance: a balance between textures, materials and shine. Look, glossy black tiles are ultra-luxe and distinctive and hip in the best possible way, and the more I see the more I like, but they’ve got to be approached and installed with extreme caution or you could be heading into creepy/garish/tacky dictator’s love palace/stripper club bathroom (not that I’ve, ahem, ever been in one) territory. Get the balance right between your gloss factor and the grounding, contemporary properties of matt surfaces (wall paint, the finishes on your fittings and decor/appliances) and you’ll avoid an expensive mistake that you can’t easily undo.
    TIP Where large areas of wall are to be covered, opt for a glossy(ish), hand finished feel. The overall look will feel warmer and less sombre quite literally due to the ability of a glossy finish to reflect the light.

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    1. Rose on

      The way I read your blogs is- splurb first then scroll through images. So I hadn’t seen the images and I had to wonder about the title of this article – left me feeling somewhat suspect to say the least. Now – having drooled my way through these images, I fully get your enthusiasm in the splurb. Some of it is just too gothic for moi. But others such as that image with the gold metal shelves is full on interior yumminess.

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