• Hi lovelies! Did you have a good weekend? I feel like we’re starting to get some balance again after our busy holiday – we saw friends for a lovely lunch, we had a TWO hour long family nap (bliss), we did a little bit of house admin and we managed to fit in a walk and some beach time too. Poor Mr Cat seems to be sick from his month in the kennels which is stressing me out so that’s on the agenda to sort out soonest and although Charley is definitely enjoying her new school, she’s quite clingy – shame, poor poppet! I finally managed to get onto my computer late last night and i wanted to share an interiors post i think might resonate with a few of you planning some home renovations and tweaks or new furniture purchases. According to trends analysts, wood is set to be an even bigger trend than ever before in 2017, so here are some lovely ideas i’ve been collecting for you to enjoy and hopefully be inspired by…


    You already know how much i absolutely love plywood and raw pine in the home – the cleanness of it, the unpretentiousness and the oh-so-stylishness of it…love!


    here’s a detail shot of the kitchen above – it really does look fabulous, don’t you think?


    A simple wooden shelf that oozes loveliness


    Check out those wooden floors! Luckily in SA, so many homes have wooden floors that simply need a sand and a reseal and voila!


    This simple wooden shelf adds a lovely warm element to this bathroom


    I like this office space a lot – utilitarian yet made warm and welcoming with the inclusion of wood!


    Raw wood remains a major look, thanks to the influence of Scandi design on our sensibilities – this pared down shelving unit is a case in point.

    Do you see wood in your life this year? I’m already hatching plans where and how we’ll be including it in ours!

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