• If you’ve seen pix of our bedroom and followed this blog for a while, you’ll know that blue and i are friends and blue velvet, well we’re very good friends. Over the years, i’ve done many posts on blue hues in the home and loads on velvet too but never one devoted to blue velvet. I’d been collecting images for a little while and then a newsletter from Block & Chisel arrived and in it was two of their latest pieces…and so today’s post was born

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    The Vega 3-seater sofa and the Loune Lino Loveseat from Block & Chisel are both absolutely beautiful – i love them in equal measure! They’re also very competitively priced which is good news! If blue velvet is possibly your thing, then take a look and see if any of these ideas work for you…


    Is this couch not fabulous? Wow!!


    See how people are teaming deep blue velvet couches with Berber rugs?


    Velvet transforms any couch into something spectacular – choose an electric or teal blue and the effect is sensational! Here, things are made all the more dramatic thanks to an equally moodt paint colour.


    I’m not sure whether i love or hate this bedroom…it’s quite full on but so luxurious and certainly eyecatching


    Pare blue velvet with strong graphic patterning to prevent things from becoming too formal – in this setup i would definitely add some brights though!

    What do you think lovelies? Is blue velvet something you’d consider? V xx

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