• Hello lovelies, i hope you’re doing well! Today’s post focuses on one of my favourite rooms in the house – the bedroom. As you can imagine i’m pretty glued to our bedroom at the moment – we have a co sleeper for Ava, so when i’m not with Charley i am practically living in bed – suits me down to the ground!But it’s also given me itchy feet to sort it out. And the dreaded headboard is one of the to do’s.

    I know i have been moaning about our raggedy headboard since January! Well nine months later i’m still no closer to sorting it out although i do know that i want velvet – i just can’t decide on the colour. It’s definitely on my to do list for while i’m on maternity leave though! Of course i took to Pinterest to look for fabric ideas for headboards but i got completely waylaid since i kept seeing images of picture shelves used as headboards and although it wouldn’t work for us, as our bedroom is small, i really do love the look…


    I once used this image to showcase how fabulous a bench can look when used as a side table – but look how fabulous the shelf of pix looks!


    What i love about picture shelves is that they are so striking yet are relatively inexpensive to make happen


    I like this setup of one main image and two smaller shelves


    Here’s another example using two shelves instead of one



    This is definitely my favourite image – a picture shelf can be cheap and cheerful but it can also be so sophisticated



    This room is so stylish in its sparseness – the picture shelf adds just the right amount of interest to keep things from being too pared down.

    Pic credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Super ideas – I need a headboard too – thank you

    2. Helen Heenan on

      I am so totally in love with picture shelves at the moment too!!

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