• Hello lovelies! Did you have a good weekend? We spent our first winter weekend in Stanford and it was lovely – walks, talks and comfort food aplenty, just what the doctor ordered! As it’s a Monday (and you know i love the promise of a Monday), i thought i’d post about making plans for some of those awkward spaces at home – some that are brillantly budget, others that require a little more planning, take a look…


    If there isn’t much space to play with but you’d love an at home work station, how about a simple, sturdy shelf on brackets? It’s all you need to create that hub of creativity and spark.


    Lots of older homes have funny little spaces that may have been doorways or cupboards – isn’t this transformation of an old doorway into a spot for coats and shoes lovely? I wish we had a spot for coats in our home, they take up so much cupboard space.


    When space is limited, sometimes focusing on that is exactly what works – this small bedroom nook is so wonderful, i would have loved one as a kid!


    Here’s another cool solution for a small space that would be awkward as a bedroom – to go up – the result is a magical bedroom, don’t you think?


    I just love this awkward spot solution! Just a little wall space, som good looking containers and wow, super sorted!!


    Here’s another great solution for an awkward corner wall that could otherwise just be a blank space!

    Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 9.21.51 AM

    What i really like about this space is how its tiny but SO homely and inviting. The small space is dominated by large seating options and it really works.

    Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 9.28.21 AM

    This teeny bedroom is a great example of a space that’s been maximised – side shelves for storage, a headboard is used instead of side tables and the sill is perfectly acceptable for storage too!

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