• For the past few years The Captain has been on at me about finding an old longboard. He has a movie in his head that we’ll find a suitably retro looking board somewhere cool and we’ll cart it home and it will look great on the wall in our lounge. In principal i like the idea but the thing is that we only have one wall in our lounge and having a big ol’ wooden board dominating it feels like quite a commitment. So i’ve been on the surfboard fence for a little while. That said, I’ve been collecting images as i see them and lately i see it’s becoming more of a thing, so maybe, just maybe i’ll be swayed…









    What say you? Surfboard in your space or not?

  • 4 Comments to “Monday Interior Inspiration”

    1. Mandy Allen on

      I dig it. I’m partial to a wall of skateboards (love skateboard art). As long as it’s mounted on the wall so as not to be pulled onto Ms Charley Bird’s noggin, now that she’s all over these show and into everything 🙂

    2. lameez on

      Love Monday Interior inspiration , I would love the surfboard art for my boys 😀

    3. Donyale on

      YES !

    4. Liesel on

      Oh dear, we have both the wooden surfboard and the skateboard, stacked in a corner and just waiting to be pulled over by a crawling baby. husband loves riding the skateboard around our dining room table just to annoy me so i dont think anything will ever make it onto the wall!!

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