• Since i have my head down in work mode at the moment, it makes sense to post about industrial interiors and decor looks today. I am a sucker for a locker (i blame that obsession on my friend Mandy who got me started on them years ago) and i’m all for a slightly skedonk occasional chair or table.

    Things i love about the industrial look

    •The muted and monochromatic colours, from rusty to dirty greys, black and white and worn wood in between.

    • The use of type and numbers and how we have embraced things like clocks and old signage as part of the look

    • Things that stack and fold – from chairs to Anglepoise-esque lamps – all in the name of function and form

     • I also like how the look can be softened with the addition of pretty blooms or given some oomph with an injection of colour

    • This look can work well in a dark and moody space or a white, light and bright one, the choice is yours Industrial2 Industrial4 INdustrial5 Industrial6 I absolutely love this trolley and would love one near our front door for dumping handbags and other crap that always ends up being spread all over the show (incidentally, it’s generally all my stuff no The Captain’s or the kids)

    The all round industrial look isn’t for me – i’m more of a here and there kinda gal, what say you?

    Pic credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8

  • 5 Comments to “Monday Interior Inspiration”

    1. Li on

      I love the top left table <3

    2. Rose McClement on

      Hi there again- nice post Vicki. Love the images and fab explanations.

    3. zillah on


    4. Yvonne on

      Thanks Vicki! Always the best part of my Monday morning 🙂

    5. Mandy on

      Fab post. Feel special re the shout-out from you 😉

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