• When i was a child i used to fantasise about having a room with a ceiling twice as high as it was and a sleeping platform with the softest bed imaginable – my imaginary bedroom also had a secret hatch that you jumped through that took you to a water slide and pool, round the back of the house – but that’s another story altogether!

    So…sleeping platforms – genius solution for small spaces, great perfect opportunity for creating a love nest when you move into a living-together space and ideal for kids bedrooms.

    Love this image and idea from The Selby so much – this apartment really makes the most of all the space

    Image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

  • 6 Comments to “Monday Interior Inspiration”

    1. Janine on


    2. Suz on

      Love these nooks. So long as one doesn’t break one’s foot when descending the ladder in the night.

    3. Li on

      lovely and cosy 🙂

    4. Ursula on

      Brilliant space saving ideas, but not for the wriggly sleeper 🙂

    5. Marna on

      Lovely spaces..

    6. Tanya B on

      Very cute. But I can’t imagine stanbeling for going to the loo at night from any of thouse beds 🙂

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