• Morning lovelies, i hope you’re well.

    Lately, i’ve been noticing ladders in loads of interiors pix. Great when used in a bathroom as a storage space for towels, they work equally well elsewhere in the home too.

    Great for the clothes you can’t be bothered to pack away when you get into bed at night

    i love ladder shelves – Block & Chisel does similar ones if you’re wondering where to buy

    love this pic

    see how it can fit so nicely into a decor scheme?

    good for adding a pop of colour

    hello kitchen storage

    there’s that bedroom application again

    this is my fave pic in this post

    So perfect for hanging towels and things

    See you a little later with another post. V x

    Pic sources in order of appearance 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

  • 4 Comments to “Monday Interior Inspiration”

    1. Philippa on

      Love it! And also really love the “Great Ideas currently being accepted’ frame – I need one of those….

    2. Sam Shallcross on

      I’ve got a bamboo ladder painted white for towels in the bathroom – love it!

    3. Bianca-Leigh on

      Oh my! pics 3 (that desk) and 4.. sigh.

    4. jax on

      I keep/display all my jeans on a ladder – always gets commented on 🙂
      p.s @home also does the ladder shelf, I suspect more affordably than Block & Chisel.

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