• Good morning lovelies! Shew, last week was quite something – after noticing that things were being tricky on the blog i suddenly realised i couldn’t get onto it at all at which point the guys who help maintain the backend did some research and well, i was hacked! I thought that would means something dramatic but no, the hacker whoever he/she/it was (assume it was a code sent out into cyberspace) caused chaos and the whole site had to be rebuilt!! So, please forgive me if there are some weird things cropping up in the next few days – we’re still finding out the level of infection!

    Now, onto the topic of this morning’s post – mirror walls. And i’m not talking those eighties all mirror numbers, i’m thinking of gallery walls made of mirrors, giatn leaning mirros and interesting mirror displays. Last week i was out sourcing products for work and i discovered that @home sells a box of mirrors (you can choose from the shape and frame) that you can mount on a wall – i think it’s a genius idea! Mirrors are great for reflecting beautiful views and for bouncing light around so your space really does look bigger. They’re also good for glamming up an odd corner or poky bathroom!

    Here are some ideas i like…

    1.Screen shot 2014-11-02 at 7.45.10 PM

    The juxtaposition of raw brick and old gilded frames is now a classic combo and with good reason – it really works!


    I’m not really into the driftwood thing but this huge mirror is lovely


    Now all i want is a big, giant leaning mirror somewhere in our house


    This collage of mirrors taps into the geo trend perfectly – simply arrange a group of hexagonal mirrors and stick with mirror tape! Can’t find hexagonal mirrors? Play with square mirrors to make a hexagonal overall shape.


    There’s that giant mirror thing again – i LOVE this frame painted white


    At @home, one of the boxed collections has vintage-esque frames like this – it’s really nice!


    I think i once used this image in a really old blog post of mine – it’s a classic – the French ticking, the vintage mirror collection, the whitewashed wall – it’s a great look!

    On that note – here’s wishing you a happy Monday lovelies – have a goodie!

    Keep an eye out on the blog a little later – i have a gigantic giveaway – R2000 worth of @home vouchers are up for grabs!!

    Pic credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

  • 4 Comments to “Mirrors Mirrors on the Wall”

    1. brenda finch on

      ooooh divine..i have been pining everything mirrors as I need a truck load for our home xxx

    2. Megan on


      Just a headsup on the bugs – I can’t pin this to pinterest and as I love the ideas it would be great if we could 🙂

      Hope you come right!

    3. Rose on

      hi there Vicki – awh – man I am so sorry to hear about that. What a business having to re-build the site. Horrors.
      I saw my brother-in-law yesterday and both he and my husband maintained that the slowness of your site could not have been due to Telkom/ ADSL – he said that apparently many people have been experiencing fluctuations in the internet speeds. Which according to him is more due to the hosting site than anything else. This kinda Tech Talk is way over my head – just repeating what the dudes had to say. But it seems you have managed to find the ‘ bugger’. I hope that going forward all resolves quickly.

    4. Bianca-Leigh on

      Ooo.. I’m still trying to decide where to hang the little gallery of mirrors that Lloyd bought me 2 years ago! Eish..

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