• Hello lovelies! Sorry i’ve been so scarce, i’ve really been trying to open my computer and it’s just not happening – that said, the digital detox feels good! Charley is sleeping on the bed next to me as i type this post, we went for a long walk around Stanford this morning and she’s bushed. I’m loving our time out – yesterday i picked quinces from the trees in the garden and took them to a friend with a big veggie garden to swop for fresh herbs – that was about the biggest thing i accomplished! We’ve had dinners with friends who live here and my friend Suz and her two boys were here for a couple of days and it was so good to catch up with her. I’m going into Hermanus this afternoon to look for embroidery cotton so i can try my hand at some embroidery work (inspired by this post). I’ve been keeping an eye out for pretty grasses and blooms on our walks to use as inspiration for my embroidery piece in the making and that reminded me of pressing flowers. Did you ever press flowers as a child? Pressed flowers were a big thing when i was a kid – we all had flower presses and used to compare different blooms in varying states of pressed-ness. I was chatting to someone who is studying phytotherapy the other day and she was saying that you can’t find them anymore – wouldn’t a range of edgy flower preses be cool? Anyway, i’m rambling – the point of today’s post is to share how beautiful i find pressed flowers and plants suspended in glass…so here you go…

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    I’ve featured the gobsmackingly beautiful work of Anne ten Donkelaar before (here’s a post i wrote back in 2012) – these aren’t technically pressed flowers since they’re paper but oh my goodness they are absolutely breathtaking!!


    This is a true pressed flower in glass piece and wow what a beauty it is – just love the simplicity and how striking it is. The image is from Danish design hub Moebe  who sell the frames


    Another oh-so-simple framed flower setup, also from Moebe


    Pressings don’t have to be confined to flowers – it works well for leaves too

    Pic source idees-inspirations-interieur-deco-unique-154-FrenchyFancy-3

    I love the look of sculptural leaves and other organic items suspended in glass

    Pic source il_570xN.691699568_4uy6

    Some more modern botanicals

    Pic source


    I like this entrance hall scene with really old flower pressings at its heart

    Pic source

    Hope you liked what you saw! V xx

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    1. lameez on

      Wow! Stunning and I loov it!

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Thank you love the delicate flowers! Have also been offline for day as my landline was out of order affecting my ads router. I realise that I am addicted to the internet!

    3. Linda d'Holt-Hackner on

      Inspiring 🙂

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