• Hi lovelies, i hope you’re all well! I’m trying to get my act together to post some pix of Ava Grace but i’m just not getting there. I do manage to browse the net when i’m feeding her though and i’ve been catching up on my digital decor mag subscriptions where i’ve noticed that dirty blue is a hue that everyone is going nuts for A few years ago, it was all about navy blue and we saw it everywhere in interiors (i still love our navy blue bedroom wall) but i do like this slight greeny dirty blue shade that works really well with other dirty pastels, florals and accent shades like mustard and pink. If you add green to the mix it really leans towards that side of the spectrum – add blue or grey and the same applies.







    What say you? Dirty Blue a hue you could do? Sorry, i couldnt resist a cheesy rhyme!

  • 3 Comments to “Let’s Do Dirty Blue”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Love the colour!

    2. lameez on

      Love stands out beautifull!

    3. Colleen on

      Love it – can anyone recommend a paint name for the colour?

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