• Hello lovelies. How fast did Friday come around? I feel like I’m in some sort of domestic version of The Matrix where the simulated-reality bot overlords have gone haywire and are pressing firmly down on the fast-forward button. So Halloween is on Monday and I have to say, I’ve gone from being a bah-humbug-it’s-an-American-holiday-so-why-are-we-getting-so-worked-up sort of person to the type who planned our costumes ages ago and cannot wait to hit the streets to go trick or treating with my kids. We’ve been doing it for a few years now and it’s loads of fun: a chance to explore the neighbourhood and socialise beyond our high walls and fences and play dress up get some awesome candy to boot. If you haven’t sorted outfits for your kids yet but are planning to join the neighbourhood witches and goblins and Harry Potters and superheroes but still need something for your littlies to wear, then this post is for you. There are a couple of ready-made options as well as cool, lo-fi and easy enough to pull together ideas that I think are sweet.

    From tutus to fab accessories to a fun dress-up range, you’ll find lots of choice at Cotton On stores with good kids’ departments…

    picmonkey-collage-216 picmonkey-collage-217

    picmonkey-collage-218 picmonkey-collage-219 picmonkey-collage-220

    One of my local faves, contact Lula by Emma to see if she has any stock left. Her cupboards may be bare but at least you know now for next year. Especially in LOVE with the bat top… (also in adult sizes)



    You could run these adorable Dino Tails up on a sewing machine if you’re that way inclined or try to find a local tailor’s shop to make one up for you quick-quick as a special favour…


    What about a Where’s Wally theme? Just substitute shorts or blue track pants/jeans if a skirt isn’t suitable.


    This fab Soda Bottle Jet Pack


    Mer Mag blog is always so inspiring and if you’re an ace DIY-er her latest post with simple but adorable ideas will make for a fun weekend project. Get busy now though!


    Awwwww. A mini Frida. Easy enough to get together for bigger girl’s too. Cotton On tend to always have floral headbands in stock, but most accessories departments stock these sorts of headpieces come summer.


    This mime and this mime… J’adore!

    picmonkey-collage-228 picmonkey-collage-229

    And this Charlie Brown costume… Good grief it’s cute! Literally insulation tape on a yellow-tshirt or if you don’t mind drawing on it, use a permanent fabric marker or Sharpie.


    For Book Day at my son’s school he dressed as The BFG and we made a jar using a single string of fairy lights from the Chinese shop and some blue food colouring in a zip-lock so it looked all floaty. The trumpet that The BFG blows the dreams into children’s windows with was a bog standard vuvuzela that I just prettied up using Sharpies and the big ears were from our local party shop. I also love the little British girl (below) as Sophie.

    picmonkey-collage-232 picmonkey-collage-233

    Hope this was helpful and that if you do go trick or treating you and your kids have a spooktacular time. Our outfits are almost ready and all I can say is… We ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

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    1. lisa on

      Hmmmm, i had a great idea for an outfit for James, which I then realised required him to wear a hat … unfortunately that is just not an option in this house! #backtothedrawingboard … Thanks for the ideas! xxx

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Great ideas – thank you

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