• Morning lovelies. It’s Mandy posting today. So two days of light rain in Cape Town has made me feel incredibly happy (and the world slightly less droughty) in anticipation of winter. I also start to hanker after style inspiration that keeps it simple and cosy: little moments that aren’t about flashy furniture or perfect compositions but about mood and atmosphere and authenticity.

    One interior look that always gets me right in the feels is small kitchen tables positioned at (or near) windows where the light floods in and the implied glimpses and sounds of the world carrying on outside are a reassuring comfort that life goes on as usual. I can smell the coffee brewing, anticipate the first bit of croissant with strawberry jam and cheese, imagine conversations being had and homework being done and books being read and Facebook being browsed… Images like the ones below totally play into my Euro-holiday fantasies where a lazy day of roaming the city streets, galleries, shops and museums lie ahead and the dismal exchange rate doesn’t exist and life is literally one big Instagram moment. Daydreams aside, there’s lots of inspiration for your own space to be found too. You may not have the Copenhagen Air B&B apartment and the tall ceilings and the Nordic light, but there are still plenty of ways to recreate a little bit of the look at home:

    • Find a small second-hand table that can fit nicely into a little nook or be positioned up against a wall
    • Install an interesting light and prints on the wall and floating shelves for decorative accessories  to highlight the zone as a place for pause
    • Mix-and-match chairs and stools
    • Place indoor plants on a window sill
    • Make tea or coffee time a bit of a ritual with special pieces (that doesn’t mean expensive, second-hand charm can never be undervalued)
    • Remind yourself that you deserve a bit of time to sit quietly and smell the Five Roses…

    PicMonkey Collage-454

    PicMonkey Collage-455

    PicMonkey Collage-456

    PicMonkey Collage-457

    PicMonkey Collage-458

    PicMonkey Collage-459

    PicMonkey Collage-460

    PicMonkey Collage-461

    PicMonkey Collage-462

    PicMonkey Collage-463

    PicMonkey Collage-464

    PicMonkey Collage-465

    PicMonkey Collage-466

    PicMonkey Collage-467

    PicMonkey Collage-468

    PicMonkey Collage-469

    PicMonkey Collage-470

    PicMonkey Collage-471

    PicMonkey Collage-472
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    1. RedCat on

      I was told the other day that you should drink tea out of a cup and saucer at least once a week- sit, enjoy and savour the time. Your post fits with this perfectly!

    2. Colleen on

      Thanks for the inspiration

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