• I don’t know about those of you who use Pinterest but i’ve become a little jaded with it lately – i keep seeing images i’ve been seeing for years and years. That said, every now and then you spot a gem – and the other night just one image sent me down a rabbit hole that lasted erm, a while! Roomclip is a Japanese, Instagram style decor-specific online space where people share their homes and details within them. These are just a teeny portion of the beaut pix i spotted…and if you, like me, swoon at Japanese style and if you love, love, love Muji well, drool on my friends

    Super organised hallway goals

    Like so many Scandinavian countries, it’s the norm in Japan and much of Asia to remove one’s shoes when entering one’s home. It’s something i really wish we could introduce into our home – i can’t bear how much dirt we walk into our space and the result is that i’m a bit obsessed with having clean carpets – we have ours cleaned every 2 months.

    This old-school pigeon-hole style cabinet is perfect in its own buerocratic way

     Minimalist goals anyone?


    I clearly have this thing with cubby hole style cabinets

    And lockers apparently – aren’t those floor tiles fab?

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      IF ONLY!!!!!

    2. iwantthat on

      Haha Lois, i know, right?!

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