• Hello lovelies! I hope you’re all well. Today’s post is about spattered things – it kind of reminds me how my desire to strip out all the colour in our home started off really well but then slowly and surely a smattering of colour appeared here, then there and now i’m embracing colour again, albeit in a less crazy for it way than before. I’m quite into colour washes at the moment too and love the look of some of this spattered stuff , take a look…

    Oh dear, this is NOT up my alley at all – i feel dizzy looking at it – although in gold, it could work for me. In blue it reminds me of the Saturday afternoon project i undertook in my teens – i decided to sponge the back of my bedroom door in…lilac-coloured paint – it looked hideous!

    The gold spattered China thing is so beautiful – i could really do with a beautiful gold spattered platter in my life – these are from Target, hello beauties!

    There is something quite interesting about this painted and splattered bureau – The Captain would hate it though!

    Boyfriend jeans? Tick. Spattered knit? Tick. Sneakers? Tick.

    This plate and placemat above would look beaut on a plain white tablecloth don’t you think?

    It seems this post started talking about splattered colours but actually it seems to be about splattered gold – this platter from Anthropologie is the shiz!

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  • 4 Comments to “I’ve got my Eye On: Spattered Things”

    1. Helene Spreckley on

      The black splattered cupboard looks like something Ava has got hold of! Think I would want to keep cleaning it.

    2. Janine on

      LOVE the gold on the plate.Your mission is to find out how they hung those plates so perfectly;);)..xx

    3. Mandy on

      Love, love, love that black and white cupboard. So my thing.

    4. Jeanne-Marie on


      Rialheim also has a beautiful splatter range in serveware and decore, have a look!

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