• So, i’ve been seeing images here and there and reading about the fact that orange is the new ‘it’ colour for decor. And i’m in two minds. I’m still scarred by some of the super-Seventies style we had going as a child – including a bright orange flokati rug and egg chairs upholstered in scratchy orange wool in our lounge (i was about 4 and i still remember them so clearly) not to mention the orange curtains in my bedroom as a child (to match the olive green walls of course – bleeerughghg!). It’s for this reason that i don’t have one orange item in our home but looking at some images on Pinterest and further afield may just sway me…perhaps this is a pop of colour we could do with at home?


    This is the catalogue spread (from this Australian homeware store) that’s made me think twice. I like the mix of old and new motifs – the lampshades and glass vessels and the still-hot-right-now moustache, deer and birdie motifs.

    Let’s take a look at some other ways orange can be used at home


    By keeping the palette completely white with only a couple of other subtle accents, orange looks fresh and punchy Orange3

    Teamed with turquoise, it looks like a good bet Orange4

    And it seems to really like the whole antiqued thing Orange5

    For me though – i think orange teamed with grey is a good bet – and like with the top image – with some wood and black it can take on a thoroughly modern look and feel. I might take the plunge this winter and buy a cushion or two or maybe a bright orange pot plant holder?

    I’d love to know your thoughts – would you take the plunge and put orange into your home?

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  • 4 Comments to “Is Orange the new Black?”

    1. Nikki on

      I love orange, I have orange curtains in my bedroom. And a painting with some orange in…they compliment each other wonderfully 🙂 Orange accents are awesome, but those orange chairs from your childhood would have scarred anyone!!

    2. Rose McClement on

      That wallpaper with the typo script – oh my golly gosh. I think it rocks big time. You know that ‘bleeerughghg!’- comment and feeling you speak of – well that is how I felt when ‘ vintage, retro and all manner of styles from the past’ re-appeared. I could hardly believe it. it took me a while to not only come to terms with it, but appreciate it in the new and fresh context that we were seeing around and about. And – that is the key to coming to understand anything retro again – the context is fresh, the application is different and the appreciation is deeper. Hope that helps you with your ‘ orange’ dilemma.

    3. Linzi Hill on

      Love love…. Have plenty dirty orange in my home…!

    4. Carrie Hampton on

      Orange tennis shoes incited a present of an orange visor and when I sent the tennis racket off to be re-gripped it came back luminous orange. I am horrified at suddenly being turned into a walking orange from top to toe without even trying, but people keep complimenting me about it!

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