• But seriously now, we need to talk about what they put in the water in Australia. Why per capita of regular people to stylists do they have such a disproportionate amount of stylie types who know how to put a pretty picture together? Something is going on, I’m convinced. Editorial and props stylist Vanessa Colyer Tay is yet another such Antipodean talent who has a fab Instagram to match her fab career and life. She has a special way with flowers, in particular, but everything she puts her touch to is inspiring and colourful and worth a second look. I mean, she can make spoons look swoon worthy. Spoons!

    As far as why we enjoy revisiting our Instagram Fan slot, it’s always interesting to see what busy (aka talented) stylists and industry types are up to to gauge what they have their eye on, what’s potting in interiors, colour and print trends and what’s going down in the decor and homeware biz in general. Plus the more eye candy to brighten one’s day, the better. Am I right? Enjoy Vanessa’s Instagram images and get following if you like what you see. I do and I have.

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