• As the world’s leading colour authority and trend forecaster, Pantone has, as you would expect, a cracker of an Instagram account. Just before you get stuck into the happiness-inducing images, some news of their Top Ten Spring Fashion Colours for 2017… I really, really like these. They’re a great mix of vibrant, serene and energising; an exciting and design-forward palette that offers a hit of much-needed optimism at a time when, let’s face it, we could really use it. Expect to see them in the home as well, as all things fashion inevitably migrate onto decor, furniture, accessories and textiles.
    picmonkey-collage-126 picmonkey-collage-127 picmonkey-collage-128 picmonkey-collage-129 picmonkey-collage-130 picmonkey-collage-131 picmonkey-collage-132 picmonkey-collage-133 picmonkey-collage-134 picmonkey-collage-135

    picmonkey-collage-136 picmonkey-collage-137 picmonkey-collage-138 picmonkey-collage-139 picmonkey-collage-140 picmonkey-collage-141 picmonkey-collage-142 picmonkey-collage-143 picmonkey-collage-144 picmonkey-collage-145 picmonkey-collage-146 picmonkey-collage-147 picmonkey-collage-148
    Design professionals should also check out Pantone’s clever and cool app that identifies the colours in your Instagram snaps. Basically you choose a photograph to analyse though the Pantone Studio and coloured dots appear that point out the various hues in your image. You can literally analyse everything from the colour of your eyes to specific colours in packaging you like or a sunset that has inspired you to create something with similar hues.

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      Great – thank you

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      So inspiring 🙂

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