• It’s Friday guys and it’s been one those weeks so I thought today we could just sit and stare at our screens with minimal reading and just mindlessly enjoy the eye-candy of photographer and stylist Lucia Litman’s Instagram pics, specifically those from her #pantoneposts project where she’s artfully matched food with Pantone swatches. (I have to ask though, WHERE DO THESE PEOPLE FIND THE TIME?… Clearly they don’t have kids!). The whole match-a-Pantone-swatch-with-an-object-thing isn’t especially original but it’s not easy to get just right and I think her take on the idea is simple and thoughtfully executed and lovely to look at.

    On an unrelated note but one that’s of deep significance, in light of yesterday’s sad news, let’s be even more mindful going forward of respecting and protecting this beautiful planet that we live on and not taking anything – not a weed growing through the cracks on a pavement or a droplet of rain – for granted. Peace out until next week me’lovelies.

    PicMonkey Collage-153 PicMonkey Collage-154 PicMonkey Collage-155 PicMonkey Collage-156 PicMonkey Collage-157 PicMonkey Collage-158 PicMonkey Collage-159 PicMonkey Collage-160 PicMonkey Collage-161 PicMonkey Collage-162 PicMonkey Collage-163

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    1. Alex on

      ah Vicks, so gorgeous! I am so colour obsessed, I could do this kind of thing all day long! Actually doing a fun Spring themed shoot today so I guess that’s better than nothing…! xxx

    2. Marianne on

      These pics are fantastic! I enjoy your mails so much. Gives me lots of inspiration.

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