• Greetings on this soggy (in Cape Town at least) Wednesday. Welcome to today’s post, another in our series of our recommendations of the best Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration. Do you know how some people’s lives are just so Instagrammy? To the point that you want to go all Single White Female on them and slowly but surely take over their pretty, whimsical, Pintersty lives until it’s yours, all yours (mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaa). That’s most definitely the case when it comes to sisters Emma and Elsie, the world-renowned craft queens behind the A Beautiful Mess blog and webshop. Their vibe is colourful, irreverent, quirky and cool, and their gorgeous (I want their lives) Instagram feed is testament to the fact that they live what they preach. It’s addictively fun and the eye candy factor is off the charts. Enjoy!

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