• I’m not sure about you but I find myself pinning pix of cabinets and lockers over and over again on Pinterest. Here are some beauties that have caught my eye lately – and for a few more, here’s a post i did a little while ago about old school storage options.

    This beauty is from Ikea. If you haven’t heard the good news yet, i’m happy to tell you that from December Ikea will be available in South Africa. No, they’re not opening a store (:() but Nevada, a middleman company is bringing selected popular products in. Sadly, this sideboard is sold out already but they have lots of other lovely gear for dollying up your space.

    This whole look is right up my alley

    Beaut no?

    this one’s a goodie too

    These pretties are from Vamp – i love that Paula and Michael regularly have lockers and filing cabinets for sale in their shop. Click here to sign up to their newsletter so you receive the good news of arrivals first.

    Also loving this look

    Pic credits in order of appearance: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

  • 5 Comments to “Industrial Storage Love”

    1. Leigh-Ann on

      Have you seen the gorgeous Dulton Metal Cabinets in Big Blue? You have been warned….. Don’t do it!

    2. zillah on

      Clever, never thought of addding lovely handles to hideous metal cabinets!

    3. Janine on

      U think;)…you know “us” sooo well…drool,drool,drool…

    4. Mich on

      Ikea products in SA, Yay!!!!!!! Can’t wait, that is the one store I really missed when I returned from the UK 🙂

    5. Nevada Furniture on

      Hi, this is Robin from Nevada Furniture bringing Ikea items to SA. The PS Cabinet above is really popular, we are going on another trip in December and will be purchasing much more of them.

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