• Something to note: pink really is just growing in popularity! It’s worked its way into the black, white and grey mono palette perfectly, it’s ideal if you want a little dose of glam (add gold and you are good to go) and just a little splash goes a long, long way. I wrote this post about pink back in 2012 (and Mandy wrote another one here about the prettiness of pink walls) . Now that we’re seeing mainstream retailers like Woolies working the pink, you can be assured it’s going to be around for a while.

    Although The Captain is colour blind (not joking), i’m not sure i would get away with going really pink in our home – which is a pity because i would LOVE a glam and girly spot like this lovely loo…those copper details are the shiz, don’t you think? Take a look below for other pink interior details i think are just so delicious…



    Pink works well with modern and contemporary spaces…


    This linen is insane, love it!


    Shew, a pink couch – how fabulous?!


    Those bathroom tiles are amazing!



    Love this plant display!


    Another pink bathroom – maybe it’s time to overhaul our guest bathroom from the wallpapered map space it’s been for so long (here is the before and after)


    See how perfectly pink teams with grey? LOVE!!

    Have a sweet and lovely day! V x

  • 5 Comments to “In the Pink”

    1. Robyn on

      I’ve just introduced pink velvet cushions similar to the last picture from h and m into our bedroom. My husband still hasn’t noticed. It looks amazing with our grey winter linen. Go for it, if you do it slowly I bet you the captain won’t even notice…. Besides the number of girls in your house outweigh one boy:)
      P. S. I also love that pink with navy tones.

    2. Vicki on

      Ooh Robyn, please send pix! I’ve been trying to avoid H&M because it keeps denting my bank account but i might have to go and look! V x

    3. lameez on

      Wow amazing! Thank u so inspiring ..love it.

    4. Lynn Giles on

      I have just painted my living room walls pink and I love it. Let’s see what Nicci thinks!

    5. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Unique and fabulous

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