• Good morning lovelies! I’ve got beds on the brain at the moment, mainly because i am sick as a dog with flu and stuck in mine! Poor Charley is also man down and she’s been spending her days in our bed too. For the past two winters i have coveted grey bed linen. I found some i loved on the Mungo website (their cotton bed linen is AMAZING!) and then more recently i found some at Woolies made of T Shirt material which given the current vile weather in Cape Town seemed even more appealing for the winter months. The problem is, grey will not go in our bedroom since it’s all about blues (you can read about the makeover we did here)…it’s a sad, sad situation…

    So…i’ll just have to confine my grey bed linen lustings to the net and this here blog – maybe one of you will be inspired to move from an all-white linen palette to one that’s brimming with greys of different shades.






    How inviting does this bed look?



    I also love how pretty pink always looks with grey


    And grey is nice for a kids room too…

  • 7 Comments to “In Lust with…Grey Bed Linen”

    1. Yumnah on

      Love grey bed linen, bought a set before my LG was born totally loving it.

    2. Bevin le Roux on

      Lusting is the right word for it!!!

    3. LiezelTee on


    4. lameez on

      Lusty and stunning, lov this kids bedroom2 U just gave me more ideas & colours 2 match with my twins room ,thanx 🙂

    5. Sally on

      I am O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D with that kid’s room in grey! Love it!

    6. Donyale on

      Love love LOVE!

    7. Felicia on

      Love the dark greys

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