• So the other day I was wringing my hands in frustration at how messy my open pigeon-hole shelves in my kitchen are. The intention is always to keep them neat and presentable, but it’s just actually not possible (for me, at least). One of the problem areas is the bottom row of pigeon holes that I use for kids’ stuff (two of them) and the rest (three) for dry foods like pasta, cans, tubes of tomato paste, rice, couscous, kids’ snacks and other stuff I need relatively easy access to. So off to Mambo’s I toddled looking for salvation from the mess. The guys showed me a couple of plastic boxes with lids but they just felt meh, as in, I really wouldn’t want them on such prominent display. And then I came across a wall packed high with colourful fruit/vegetable crates. Hello gorgeousess! Grabbed myself five bright yellow ones (it’s an accent colour I can’t resist) and the rest is history. They fit perfectly into the large pigeon-holes and even though things are still a bit cluttered inside the boxes, to the outside world they look brilliantly bright and functional. I’m in love with crates now and thinking that maybe I need just one or two more in other areas of my home. They’re also brilliant if you’re on a budget. Inspired and amped to get some ideas, I hopped over to Pinterest and found that DIY with crates and incorporating these utilitarian, bog-standard items into your home is a thing. I love the ideas I’ve assembled here: some are created by design studios, others you could manage on your own with just some cable ties, some require a little more DIY and others you’ll probably have to commission a handyman to create for you. But whatever direction you take it in, I just love the juxtaposition of something so simple, functional and utilitarian transformed into an entirely new and fresh and useful object.

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