• Hello lovelies. It’s Mandy here. The other night, while burning the midnight oil and partaking in some serious work avoidance, I found myself browsing through images of kids’ playrooms. With three of my own and a pretty relaxed approach to decorating and the state of my house (I’ve given up, basically) I’m always inspired by and drawn to homes that have that easy balance between style and the realities of family living; homes that are colourful, and respectful of a child’s need to interact with and imprint themselves on their environment (my scribbled on walls are testament to just how much my own children like to imprint themselves, literally, on their habitat). I came across a few gems that I’ve saved for reference and thought you might like them too. I’ve unpacked my favourite elements in bullet points for some good takeaway ideas.


    • Chalkboard feature wall, obvs. Always.
    • Cute house-shaped cubby for storage and display. The casually hung garland of lanterns is a nice touch.
    • Low-level table and seating for drawing and playing. Love the chairs in the bubblegum colours against the black chalkboard wall.
    • The grey and white harlequin patterned door in geometric print is a fun, sophisticated touch.


    • Love the subtle but carefully edited colour scheme going on here with blues, pops of yellow and black and lots of white.
    • Like the simple plank shelf; makes for a more playful display of pictures and objects.
    • The mineral water crate used for storage is also divine and reinforces how brilliantly crates can be repurposed in a kids’ space.


    • I love that this is a refreshingly normal space. These parents are going full tilt with colour and a cute cartoon character (Miffy) instead of doing that ‘stylish restraint’ thing. Kids don’t want stylish restraint. They want colour that hurts their eyeballs (you know what I mean).
    The low-level corner cushions with mix-and-match fabric are just so child friendly and inviting for quiet playtime, reading or napping.
    • The wall mounted little shelf with the tea set also speaks to the child-friendly nature of the space. It’s not packed away in some box but right there, ready and waiting for that impromptu tea party.


    • Colourful bunting. Check.
    • Cool vintage-inspired posters. Check.
    • Adorable kid-sized furniture (probably second hand) given a new look with bright paint. Check.
    Nonchalant display of playthings. Check.
    Love it all. Check.

    • There’s that trusty blackboard paint again. Give it at least three to four coats if you want it nice and dark like this. • The coloured chalk makes such a difference too – super fun and bright.
    • Baskets for storage are essential.
    • Wall pegs/coat hooks are so useful for book bags, hats, jewellery and scarves.
    • The large mirrored dresser is also divine. You can find (if you’re lucky and persistent) banged up versions second-hand or on Gumtree for cheapish, then have it painted white for a modern update.
    • The black and white rug brings a contemporary and slightly more grown-up edge.

    • A shelf allowing you to show their books facing the front makes it easier for children to find their favourites, is always a winner. This looks like a kitchen rack that has been reassigned to a kids’ space.
    • Love the other old glass-fronted shelves too, used for practical and display purposes.
    • Fairy lights and garlands in any form always cheer things up.
    • The coat rack, mounted on the wall way down low, is at the perfect height for children to hang up and reach their things – very empowering for a child who is always used to asking for help to reach their stuff.
    • Simple wooden boxes are the ultimate hold-alls.
    • The knobbly carpet looks so inviting, I just want to roll all over it!
    • The colour scheme of vintage white and wood is also really soothing – and this from an avowed colourist.

    • Beds that double up as seating make me deliriously happy for some reason.
    • This space is ideal for siblings that share.
    • Polka dot sheets are so much fun.
    • Lots of pictures = cheerful visual inspiration.
    • Wall mounted book shelf stores favourite reading matter.
    • The more storage the merrier, and here it’s been ergonomically designed as part of the bed frames.


  • 2 Comments to “Idea File: Kids’ Play Spaces”

    1. Yvonne on

      Love all these ideas, been wanting to get our play room any kind of order and still keep it kid friendly & fun, but never seem to get around to it…

    2. lameez on

      Wow amazing, I’m busy with our kids room and this ideas and tips will help a lot and thank u for sharing ur wonderfull ideas . Now thatt I hav twins my son hav to move to the smaller room and he need play space and ur ideas give me big creative ways 🙂

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