• Hello lovelies! It’s Mandy here. I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed contributing to I Want That and hanging out with you all. It’s been ages, since the beginning of the year if I look back. Whoa Nelly, where has the time gone?! My self-imposed hiatus was for no reason in particular other than a desperate need to catch my breath a little bit (a lot, actually) which the wonderful and kindly Vicki let me do with no pressure (despite her holding down a very demanding full-time job and being mama to a busy little pudding while baking another pudding in the oven) and the assurance that when I was ready to jump back in, the blog would be ready and waiting for me. So here I am, still exhausted if I’m honest, but infinitely more refreshed and in a clearer state of mind, and MOST definitely in the mood to share inspiring, lovely, quirky, amazing, clever things with you beauteous lot. So let’s get into it…

    I’ve always loved hoop embroidery and wowzers, there is some gorgeous hoop embroidery stuff out there. Like all things crafty and nostalgic and old school, hoop embroidery has become a cool pastime. No wonder: the things look amazing on walls or a mantlepiece, shelf or desktop. Tactile and colourful, I love those designs with cheeky homilies that grandma would definitely not approve of (the sassier the better) but also those whimsical pretty images that are so well suited to the medium. The contemporary images are also cool, with needlework in the form of moustachioed hipsters, simple paper planes and cacti. Cheers knitting and see you later sewing classes; it’s time to give this cool craft a go.

    Pretty much anything – from words to imagery – can provide inspiration as a starting point for your own project (or you can find cool all-in-one-with-instructions-kits like these from Lauren Fowler) but it does help to familiarise yourself with the different embroidery stitches around so that you can create something that will look truly display-worthy. This is a great link to a tutorial from the bible of handcrafts, Mollie Makes. You can find hoops at most fabric and craft shops along with all the goodies, from needles to threads, that you’ll need. What follows is just a sampling of embroideries in hoops that I adore. I’m so glad to be back guys. Here’s to a fabulous rest-of-the-year filled with fun and inspiration – the two things that this blog runs on.

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    2. lameez on

      Good Morning, Wow! This is so amazing and inspiring!

    3. iwantthat on

      SO SO happy to have you on the blog Mands and THANK YOU for the wonderful inspiration this morning! V xx

    4. Lois Carol Wessels on

      So unique and eye catching

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