• Before Charley was born i wondered whether the stuff that comes with having a child would drive me mad. We (read The Captain) didn’t choose a designer high chair that fits in beautifully with our space and we have very few pared down, designer wooden toys – it’s garish plastic pretty much all the way for us and by the end of the weekend it looks like we’ve been attacked by a monster load of it. We’re not on a mission to have her stuff ALL over the show but i’m certainly not the type to create a showhouse space that barely acknowledges that children live there.

    The house is an example of a space that gets things so right – it’s clear the parents have a keen eye for lovely design but just as it gets too perfect, there are pops of colour and fun – proof that children can and should live in beautifully designed spaces too!




    This IKEA chest of drawers has been on my wishlist for so long




    These blocks would work well to stash those inevitable fugly toys


    That herringbone wall – sigh, it’s a beaut

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    1. robyn on

      love that white high chair for a toddler! So cute, wonder where you could get something like that here?

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