• Hello lovelies! Today’s post is all about entrance halls – it’s one of the things i wish we had at home since as i mentioned yesterday, both mine and The Captain’s cupboards seem to be chock a block with coats at the moment! I’ve got a Gumtree alert (its my new obsession) on for a standing coat rack which i’m keen to pop next to the old skedonk writing desk that i’ve recently repainted (i’ll share it soon, i promise). A standing coat rack is probably as close as i’ll come to an entrance hall space. If you’re lucky enough to have the space – i’m jealous! And if you’re looking for inspiration – i have plenty for you right here!


    I love that this entrance hall is styled a bit like a coffee table – beautiful


    A bench is an essential for an entrance hall that really works hard


    And you need a mirror too of course!


    Make a statement by tiling your entrance hall area with beautifully patterned tiles


    Bicycle baskets are perfect for allocating a place for everyone in the home


    A floating cabinet is a neat and useful spot just inside the front door


    This is a really clever use of a potentially under utlised space


    I LOVE this entrance hall table – from the pared down entrance hall table to the hexagonal mirror – just beaut!


    Trust IKEA to give us lovely entrance hall inspiration


    Here’s another trick – use graphic wallpaper to make a bold statement for your entrance hall area!

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