• Hello lovelies. It’s Mandy today. I’m back and so happy to be blogging again. It’s taken me a while to get my mojo going and I know it’s not just me. I vote that the holidays should extend into January so we can all have a proper rest… That aside, my focus on the home front (other than work and getting a handle on all this admin) is going to be getting my spaces in order over the next while. We moved out in August to do a minor facelift and I packed up every last tea spoon and sock and light bulb. Despite being back home for months I’ve still got loads of boxes to unpack, there’s not one picture on the wall, the shelves are in disarray and I’m feeling like there’s just too much chaos going on. It’ll be nice to have some time to tidy up area by area and if there’s anything exciting ideas-wise to show you, I’ll take some pics and post them here.

    Speaking of one of the big ideas I love… pegboard. We’ve blogged about the wonders of pegboard repeatedly as a decorative and practical element in the home and last week I found myself some bargain board that had been slightly damaged but is still perfectly fine to use. I’m thinking of how and where to use it and once I finally decide on that, I know that I definitely want to display some plants on it. Here are some ideas I’m finding inspiring…

    This is more of a great idea for a wedding or special celebration, but how pretty would it be to add a few colourful blooms to your existing pegboard in the home office or hallway just for the joy of it.
    PicMonkey Collage-273 Succulents in black-painted tin cans alongside a vintage botanical educational poster = oh yes! Push a nail or screw through the back of the board to attach the tins or use cable ties and paint them black so as to be less visible.
    PicMonkey Collage-274
    Leaves, driftwood and mini potted succulents and ferns make for a gorgeously eco-chic visual whole, with the addition of botanical illustration it’s perfection. I love the nonchalance of black tape tacking up some of the greenery and pictures.
    PicMonkey Collage-275 I adore this pegboard with its giant holes and the mini shelves with masses of potted plants and succulents interspersed with hanging plants. Mono shop online has something similar on a smaller scale but if you want to go big,  I can imagine a carpenter would be able to drill oversized holes in a piece of plywood or MDF for you. You could have them drilled to the same size as dowel sticks, then have a few lengths of dowel (of the same width) cut to size to work as the pegs. Hmmmm… Methinks that’s an idea worth following through.
    PicMonkey Collage-276
    This is from the jewellery workshop of Australian artist Kim Victoria Wearne via The Design Files. Simple little baskets with potted indoor plants. Adds such a shot of freshness and organic contrast with the tools. Love.
    PicMonkey Collage-279
    As much as I’m a fan of colour, the black and white palette here along with the pretty freshness of the greenery has me charmed. Styled perfection without being uppity.
    PicMonkey Collage-280
    Succulents have really grown on me as I’ve explored my love of plants. I’m trying to figure out how these would be attached to the pegboard (glue under the pots?) and without the soil spilling out. I imagine leaving the soil dense by keeping it dry would be the answer, then using a spray bottle to keep the plants moist and alive. Air plants on hooks would be a good alternative.
    PicMonkey Collage-281

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Very unique

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      Love the flower peg board 🙂

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