• Much like birds were the trend for homes for a good five years, as we all know, plants are it right now! Of course, its not a new trend – the seventies were the height of pot plant mania in people’s homes and the revival has been going for a good few years. In our own home we’ve really gone to town with plants over the past year (maybe a bit too much!) – read the post i wrote about it here but i’m always on the lookout for new ideas for decorating with plants – whether in their real deal form or as wallpaper, prints and fabric, take a look…


    My current love regards plant display definitely involves plant stands. Don’t these cacti look fabulous suspended on plant stands? For similar ones to these, Simply Home has in stock.


    I’ve written about my love for concrete planters before – teamed with a beautiful indoor tree – wow! Now to find one just like this.


    I love these retro-esque plant stands – they’re from local designers Douglas and Douglas – don’t you love how the drip trays are suspended? Stodels has a fantastic range of terracotta pots if you’re looking.


    Ooh, the season for beautifully scented blooms is almost on us – display them as single offerings – just beautiful!


    Metallics and plants are a great match – H&M has similar planters to these


    Isn’t this cabinet of plants just fabulous?



    Dress up a drinks trolley or coffee table with plants or flowering bulbs – just beaut!


    That collection of mismatched bottles and vintage glass containers? You need them as vases!


    Set a green scene in your entrance hall – speak to Robin Sprong about printing some wallpaper like this for you


    I LOVE this image – combining leafy wallpaper with real plants – stunning!




    Jungley leaves are the business and it doesn’t look like they’ll be going out of style for a while- whether in wallpaper or sticker form


    And these lovelies are from local suppliers My Wall Tattoos – love them!

    Happy greening! V x

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Have always had potplants in my home – love the greenery!

    2. lameez on

      Love plants , This is So beautifull … greenery 🙂

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