• Hello lovelies. So shall we talk Granny Chic. I absolutely adore the look and it pretty much sums me up, though I do also like a dash of global bohemia and Mid-century Modern and contemporary design thrown into the mix. I know it’s not a look that’s for everyone, it’s a LOT of clutter and layering and collections and vignettes and it’s almost all vintage and just about EVERYTHING looks like it came from the junk shop (that would be because it did) but I find it utterly charming and warm and idiosyncratic and personalised and in a sea full of generic interiors, that really appeals to me.

    If the full-on Granny Chic look isn’t for you (because let’s face it, is is rather dotty and the amount of stuff required to get the look can be overwhelming in a space), there are still ways to bring it into your home: ye olde vintage plates displayed gallery style on the wall trick; a granny square crochet blanket or three artfully scattered around the house; a mix-and-match approach to scatter cushions featuring all manner of floral prints, from big and overblown antique roses to more delicate, Liberty-style blooms; vintage-look enamelware; a gallery wall that mixes junk shop oil paintings (landscapes and flowers) with botanicals, modern postcards and small prints, china and enamel plates and cross-stitch displayed in embroidery hoops; patterned and printed linen, layered patchwork-style; and an antique or vintage piece of furniture (such as an old-fashioned display cabinet) that has seen some upcycling action, like being painted in a bright and quirky shade.


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