• International designers are being inspired by our uniquely, South African way of life, our habitats, and fusing European design thinking and processes to give it a fresh appeal.

    Take Doshi Levien, a London based design office, who unveiled their Shanty Town storage cabinets at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan recently. Inspired by informal settlements and the design duo’s admiration for skill and independent will of people to create their own homes, the Shanty cabinets has a corrugated iron façade that reveals a storage system.  The design uses lacquered MDF with extruded aluminium legs, and the range will be produced for Spanish furniture company, BD Barcelona Design.

    Shanty-town-4 Shanty-town-cabinet-2 ST-2 ST-1 Shanty-town-cabinet-7

    Since this story hit the design world its been met with some controversy and backlash.  There are those who think the whole idea of Shanty Town cabinets are in poor taste and an insult to those who have no choice but to live in these conditions. What’s your take on Doshi Levien’s latest designs?

    Source and pics credits: Design Boom

  • 2 Comments to “Furniture design: Shanty Town cabinets”

    1. Natasha on

      Huh uh, I don’t like it. Seems like it should be a cool idea, but it just doesn’t work from a visual POV. But from a functional view, yeah this could work. Could be cool for like a tool cupboard or something utility like that.

    2. Donyale on

      I dig them!

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