• As many of you who read this blog regularly will know, i’m a big believer in the feature wall – in fact,  virtually every room in our home has one in some shape or form. Feature walls help focus the eye and they help create zones of visual interest in larger spaces. They also work in smaller spaces to create a sense of drama and what’s great is that you can work with paint, wallpaper or pictures to create a feature wall that shows off your style beautifully.

    Spring is the perfect time to change up things at home and a feature wall is a one day job that can make such a difference! Take a look at the ideas below – maybe there’s something that tickles your fancy?


    So you went the all-white route and now you’re bored, bored, bored of your bedroom? Save the serenity by simply adding some depth in a similar tone and demarcating an area of interest using paint – love it!


    How to pay homage to a special piece of period furniture? Choose a wallpaper backdrop from the same era. This Mod Century moment is a perfect case in point.


    Want to really change things at home? Be bold with an oversized print that does the talking.


    I’ve featured this kitchen backsplash before and with good reason – metallics, whether in tile, paint or wallpaper formats make such a luxe statement


    If you’re having a love affair with coral this season, don’t limit it to your wardrobe – dress your wall in this pretty shade and change it next season when you’re in the mood for something else


    Gallery walls are so personal – what makes them work as a feature wall – careful hanging and a common thread be it colour, theme or frames – here black and white imagery is the hero


    I’m seeing loads of half painted walls at the moment – i love their painterly, canvas in progress effect


    Walls with fireplaces in them couldn’t be better suited to the feature wall notion. Isn’t this colour geometric wall fabulous?


    A gallery wall where interesting typefaces are doing the talking


    I know many of you loved our post on pegboards a while ago – look how wonderful a sliver of a wall devoted to a workspace pegboard can be


    Oversized maps make the most wonderful feature walls – i love this one!


    Paint 3/4 of a feature wall in one shade and leave the rest white – such an easy and effective visual tool. Isn’t this room amazing?


    Grey remains a favourite means of creating a feature wall – it’s strong, elegant and timeless – plus you can dress it with complementary shades of black, grey and white or brighten it up with pops of colour.

    I hope you found an idea or two you might want to tackle at home in the next little while

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