• Toile’s are one of those misunderstood fabrics.  We generally associate them with the way that they’re traditionally styled – which can be a bit classical, pretty-pretty and OTT for some folk. I like them best when they look like they’ve sneaked into your house uninvited and made themselves comfortable.

    clockwise from above left electric blue toile; pink fabric wall; black and white toile; pink wallpaper

    above from left: dress; cutlery; Havaianas

    To be honest, what shifted my thinking on Toiles was when I saw them used in an unconventional context. This led me on a wild hunt to find Toiles that could be used in unpredictable and exciting ways.

    these are some of my local finds (all brands linked to the local suppliers)

    above from left: Fabrics from Pierre Frey, Nina Campbell and Home Fabrics

    clockwise from above left: Home Fabrics, Pierre Frey, Hertex, Pierre Frey

    I love the combination of contemporary-meets-classic, I love the large scale design, I love the fresh colouration and I especially love the unusual themes. (Truly, if I don’t get some of Pierre Frey’s “Pin Up” toile I will wither up and die.)

    Li – i’m sold! I want a toile headboard, stat!

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    1. Mandy on

      Love toile, loved this post.

    2. KaRi on

      So in love with these fabrics today!

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