• Hi lovelies! I’ve been watching the trend for crystals/agates and geodes for a while now and to be perfectly honest it’s all left me a little cold – there’s something about the hippie crustiness of crystals that has kept me away from embracing anything connected to this trend (except for the jewellery sides i love crystals in jewellery). Anyway, after seeing a beautiful shoot by the amazing Caro de Waal in House and Leisure recently, i’ve started to relax my thoughts on Agate and Agate-Inspired patterning in the home…take a look…

    My semi change of heart (i’m not completely sold yet) started with this image – i would love to see this in a pale grey patterning…

    Then i saw this duo of prints and i started to think, hangon a second, maybe i can deal with some agate in my life – i mean it looks really great with gold, yes?

    Yes, no maybe?

    Love these!

    What a glam idea for a cheeseboard!

    And could definitely live with this wallpaper!

    And look at these ‘underplates – they’re beautiful!!

    Ok, over to you lovelies – yes, no, maybe to agate?

  • 4 Comments to “Eyeing out Agate”

    1. robyn gibson on

      I love those cheeseboards and those prints!! Where do we find similar? Definetly growing on me!

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Love the concept so original!

    3. Zahraa Minty on

      Exceptionally classy I am in love Need a makeover for my bedroom after this stunning photos

    4. Lalannie on

      It’s a YES from me!!
      These are beautiful.. all of it!!

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