• So, it’s not new news, but tropical is still very much on trend – which is good news for South Africans since if the look appeals to you, luckily we have the weather to match – especially now! I love this look – i find it so festive, such fun, so frivolous and it’s a look that appeals to both young and old. You can add some tinsel for Christmas or you can just enjoy the juicy colour palette for summertime soirees. I’ve rounded up some of my favourite images found on my net travels and i’ve written up some cool elements for ensuring your tropical party is the best ever!


    Ok, first things first – EVERY tropical do depends on pineapples – plenty of them!


    If you can’t beg, borrow or steal real live leaves from gardens around you, mlook for fake ones from your local florist – these you can reuse again and again and which you can keep on display in between. 26f46f3ef2dc6d90c0dd9e5331e1ef17

    Aside from pineapples – we’re talking flamingoes, palm trees and a good dose of bling to take it into the 21st century


    Cocktails are a must – ice lolly cocktails – equally essential!


    Did somebody say watermelon granita? Yum!

    Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 5.23.37 PM

    More pineapples – spraypaint yours contrasing colours for maximum effect. The fab picture is from this great site.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 5.23.48 PM

    How fab is the flamingo? Mr P is getting some similar ones to this one in – and they also have quite a lot of other flamingo paraphernalia.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 5.24.09 PM

    Haul out all your brightly coloured tableware and use it all together. Both this pic and the flamingo are from here.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 5.24.25 PM

    Did someone say pineapples and fruits are very much a part of this look? Tropical-Aloha-Themed-Bridal-Shower-via-Karas-Party-Ideas-KarasPartyIdeas.com12

    Isn’t this collage of a tropical bridal shower fab? Pic from here.


    Here is a rather more subdued but no less beautiful tropical party setup


    Click here for the delicious monster balloon tutorial

    So, what do you think? Is there a tropical party on your horizon?

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    1. lameez on

      Super awesome ideas and colourfull , love it 🙂

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Very festive

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