• Hello lovelies! This afternoon’s post comes to you care of WOMAG, the leading supplier of natural stone and stone-finish porcelain tiles in SA. I’m participating in a four month long exploration into how changing up the surfaces in your home – be they countertops, floor or wall tiles and how they can make SUCH a difference. I’ve mentioned on the blog before how I would kill to have a marble-topped dining table and I really wish I could have a patterned floor, somewhere, anywhere – and WOMAG are the people to speak to about just these finishes!

    Since grey is the not-so-new neutral that is not going anywhere soon and black and white are the contrasting colours that grey loves so much, it makes sense to play within these parameters if a contemporary home that won’t date is your thing. And since it’s an interior colour scheme I know many of you love, I decided to kick off my July WOMAG showcase with these colours. I also love that grey and the many shades it comes in is so easy to team with wood, which means you could easily update an older space that has wood floors and features with grey stone finishes and it would still look fabulous.

    I’ve teamed some of my favourite looks with WOMAG tiles that let you achieve them – enjoy the mashup!


    If I had a Rand for the number of friends who have had cement screeded floors that have proven to be a nightmare, either pre or post installation, I’d be rich! It’s hard to find someone who will do a perfect job – somehow the colour is never even, the floors invariably crack and despite being cement, they don’t seem to wear that well. Enter the concrete or cement look tile from WOMAG that gives you this modern minimalist look without the hassle and with all the longlasting guarentees you want.

    Womag_Cement From top Habitat White, Habitat Cement, Habitat Dark Grey, from R299 per m²


    I’ve rabbited on and on about patterned floors for the home on the blog and I’m afraid I’m about to do it again – I mean, is it not the most fabulous look ever?! The bonus about using tiles like this is that you can work in a small area like a teeny bathroom or a kitchen splashback or you can go big and do a space like your entire entrance way in them. I love them!

    Womag_Pattern Womag_Pattern2 Deco Heritage Tilles in black, grey and white, R 469.00 per m²


    Sigh, I can’t get enough of marble, as many of you well know. I live in hope that one day I will have a home with marble somewhere – be it on a kitchen countertop, in a bathroom or as I’ve mentioned before as a slab on an enormous dining room table (I already have the design for this sorted!). WOMAG are the specialists in this realm, in fact they’re South Africa’s largest importers of European marble, but did you know that you can also get porcelain marble-look tiles – at a fraction of the cost and for high traffic areas, they’re a no brainer! I love marble in a one-slab format but I also like the mosaic marble effect that’s coming to the fore – there’s a rough luxe-ness to them that feels so timeless.

    Womag_Marble2 From top Cruz Grey, R319 per m² Ondulato White Slab R5000 per m², Marble Grey Emperor, R1299 per m²
    Womag_MarbleMosaic From Top Ultra Pietre Basaltina Grey from R999 per m², Ultra Pietre Basaltina Moka from R999 per m², Deco Tiffany from R626.96 per m²


    How to take your seventies bathroom straight into this century? Subway tiles my friend. The same applies for kitchens that are in need of love but not something too out there. They’re perennially stylish (they’ve been used in the Paris Metro since 1900) and they are so easy to maintain. If using white you can play around with grouting too – use black instead of white and you’ve got an achingly modern look to love!

    Womag_Metro Metro White and Metro Black R 299.00 per m²

    So there you have it – a series of amazing grey, white and black looks you can achieve by changing up your tiles or surfaces.

    Head to the WOMAG website for more home and interior floor and wall inspiration.

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