• Hi lovelies! I discovered a lovely Insta feed the other day which i thought i should share @salt_coastal_interiors is a US-based interiors consultancy with a love for coastal inspired spaces it would seem (if the name doesn’t give it all away). Anyway, with the sun back in town (please tell me summer is finally here?! I am SO over my winter wardrobe) my mind is racing – i’m so keen for some visual changes at home and while a coastal home is not what we have, i know these dreamy and light filled spaces are plenty of food for thought…



    On my to do list for home

    • New Pillows for our bed

    • Curtains for our bedroom – i think this is the 10th time i’ve mentioned that we need them

    • Update Charley and Ava’s room – need new rug, some new pix on walls and maybe some new linen

    • Hang our freaking seascapes gallery wall (!!) – it’s only be 1.5 years without it

    • Update lounge with new cushions and a throw

    • Sort and style up our playroom shelves (so much crap on them shelves – where does it all come from?!)


    Haha, can you tell i’m beyond excited for school holidays to be over and for life to return to normal? I have lots and lots of lists of things that need doing! Have a happy day. V xx

  • 2 Comments to “Dreamy Interior Inspo”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      So cool and inviting!

    2. Yvonne on

      Would love to see how you get along with your to do list. My list is far longer and I just can’t seem to get around to doing anything….

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