• It’s fun and keeps guests entertained. Backdrops needn’t be expensive. With a little creative thinking and some DIY action, you can add a playful,

    fun atmosphere to your photo booth. Here are some simple ideas to get you inspired.

    Wallpaper bits and pieces. Use left over pieces of wallpaper with a floral theme and keep the look unfinished look. For those brides who don’t like things perfect, wallpaper bits and pieces is a little bit whimsy.


    Simple wreaths made from twigs dried flowers and greenery is rustic. Added to a plain wall in a barn setting, this backdrop is lovely.


    An old duvet cover. Dig into the cupboard and find a cover that suits your theme or catches your eye. It’s fun and adds graphic detail to your pictures.


    Draped fabric is soft and romantic. Look out for bargains and fabrics on sale at fabric stores for the perfect drop.


    Brown paper. It could be this simple. Spruce it up by hanging a few Chinese lanterns. With props, this is an easy backdrop to put together.


    Find a new use for fake grass as a photo backdrop. Jazz it up with fake flowers for an interesting and unique backdrop.


    Now this might take some work. But that’s what bridesmaids are for. Get the girls involved and create a paper flower wall. Looks gorgeous.


    A chalkboard backdrop will see your guests get creative and add their own spin to their pics. Endless fun.


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