• I shudder when i realise that things that were totally on trend erm…twenty years ago are back in the line of what’s cool and Delft prints and blue and white are totally what i’m talking about (along with neon, brogues and Doc Martins) – i feel OLD! Back when i left school i was crazy about blue and white and when i moved into my first digs i painted every piece of bedroom furniture i had a pale blue and accessorised the look with a mix of blues and whites. Despite the various explorations of various looks, blue and white has always been a happy place for me which is why i’m obviously glad Delft decorative wares and blue & white is so big all over again. Here are some images of traditional and contemporary Delft as well as pretty blue and white patterning that really take me to that happy blue and white place all over again.

    * a little note if you’re interested, Delft ceramic work was a direct response to blue and white Chinese pottery that was brought back to Holland by explorers and the Dutch East India Company in the 17th Century.

    Pic sources above, below and right

    Where to start with the delicousness of these beautiful pix? The pendants are handpainted by a Dutch artist, the wallpaper on the left is by Florence Broadhurst and n the right by one of my favourite Dutch design houses Studio Ditte (click here to read a post i did on their amazing wallpapers a while ago)

    image source

     i love this collage of crockery – so beautiful!

     Pic source

    These are by another Dutch artist Magnus Gjoen

    Pic source

    a completely contemporary yet such a classic take on the Delft look

    Pic source

    i’ve showcased this wallpaper before from Studio Ditte – in love

    Pic source

     I saved the best for last – i want that bedroom, i want that holiday wherever it is, i want that chair and yes i definitely want that bedspread!

    PS. Be sure to check out Donna’s post on Blue & White as a wedding choice on I Want That Wedding today – love that we were both preparing posts on the same subject independently of each other – so serendipitous, so lovely!

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  • 4 Comments to “Delft Delights”

    1. Li on

      Fantabulous! The pendants and wallpaper are my fave.

    2. Phillippa on

      For some fabulous local blue and white flavour check out http://chandlerhouse.co.za/products/jewellery/ for gorgeous pendants and cufflinks using shards of found blue and white ceramic shards

    3. Kim on

      I know what you mean, once you’ve loved this look, it’s hard to move away from it… ref my house if you doubt me! x

    4. Dinki Dilks on

      So beautiful the shades of blue on the white. Nothing has changed over 40 years. This means keeping your treasurers for those who appreciate and you can pass on to.

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