• It’s so weird, for the past five or six years, whenever it gets to this time of year i go on an upholstery frenzy. I say frenzy but what i mean is that i start thinking of everything i want to cover and the cushions i want to make up or remake. Then i procrastinate for a month, Then i finally call Mr Meyer, upholsterer extraordinaire. Who invariably tells me he’s not taking anymore orders ‘but thanks for all the referrals’. And then i wait until January to actually do it.

    I doubt this year will be any different. Although i have told eldest stepdaughter i might think about a headboard for her but given that i can’t stop thinking about the new Design Team designs, this will likely happen.

    Which brings me to deep buttons. Mr Meyer does a mean deep buttoned job. He made me these two beauties (if i do say so myself) and when i get my A into G i will get him to make me a round deep buttoned ottoman in velvet for our lounge. I am a firm believer in a deep button for a head board – very forgiving and very, very plush. Rose, if you’re reading this, i’d love to hear your opinion on the matter…

    In the meantime, here are some more deep button beauties that might pique your interest in the matter

    Have a lovely day lovelies – i am rush, rush, rushing today. Shooting this morning, then briefing in an 11 page feature for Good Housekeeping, then a meeting, then pick up kids, supper etc. Sheesh.Must.Just.Breathe.

    image credits: first two pix by me, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10

  • 7 Comments to “Deep Buttoned Beauties”

    1. Tanya B on

      Pretty as always. Good luck with all the tasks for the day!

    2. Li on

      You know I feel about the coffee sack ottoman — I WANT IT!

    3. Brenda Finch on

      i love deep buttoning xxx

    4. Sue on

      I just had a deep button ottoman made, in a very similar fabric to your ‘not so bleh chair’! Loooove deep buttons! Making me regret that I didn’t do my headboard now:( Next time!

    5. Charlene on

      Does anybody knows a Mr Meyer in Pretoria? Need one that specializes in slip covers.

    6. Janine on

      feel you…if you put it out like that…sigh…LOVELY!

    7. pattern society on

      Busy, but sounds so fun! Enjoy every second!!

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