• Hi lovelies! I hope you all had a good weekend! One of my favourite things to do with Charley when we’re in Stanford is to go on ‘treasure hunts’ to find sticks and stones and flowers – she loves it so much and its a great way to get out for a walk and get rid of any cobwebs. The last time we were there i was emptying a basket of some of her treasures and it reminded me of the nature tables we used to have in our classroom in primary school – did you have one in your classroom?  A little table filled with all the discoveries different people in the class had found – from weaver bird nests to a shed snakeskin, dried flowers, interesting stones…you get the picture. It got me to thinking how nature has so much to offer us in our homes in the form of decoration – untreated wood and found natural objects have long been well loved in interiors – and in the crazy world we currently live in, i reckon nature is going to become even more important for maintaining happiness and a sense of order. Anyway, i’m rambling, what i wanted to say with today’s post is check out how cool these au natural finds are…


    OK, so just to be clear, i do NOT condone removing coral from the sea but if you happen to have some coral (if you grew up in the Eighties, maybe you have some from then), then know it could make a beautiful paper weight or coffee table detail.


    If you don’t have Delicious MOnsters in your own garden, beg, borrow or steal a couple of leaves from someone who dors – they last for absolute ages and really do look amazing in a simple vase.


    Raw wood tree stumps have been a thing for years now – and they’re still on the radar as instant furniture items


    If collecting bits and natural bobs is your thing – a glass case is right up your alley, yes?


    Could these framed fern leaves be any more beauteous?!


    Black thumb? Why not buy a print of a plant that will never die?


    More coral (you can find loads of it in junk shops) – doesn;t it look amazing piled en masse in an empty fireplace?


    These Nordic antler horns are such a graphic feature in this bathroom

    Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 2.16.54 PM

    Raw crystal stones and geodes are big news in interiors – i love this corner if a bathroom given a hit if glam with crystal and candlelight.

    Anything hit a chord with you?

  • 5 Comments to “Decorating with Nature”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Great unique ideas

    2. Jenny on

      Those frames fern leaves are gorgeous!

    3. Lalannie on

      Those delicious monster leaves are my favourite.

    4. Frances on

      Good day
      Where can one buy the framed leaves


    5. iwantthat on

      The image of the leaves on my blog is from overseas, but Janine from Foraged frames flowers and leaves beautifully
      You can read about her work here



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