• Hi lovelies. It’s Mandy here. It’s been a while since I did a fashion post and today’s as good a day as any to pull something together that I find especially feel-good. People who know me well know that I’m a massive fan of hi-lo dressing. The crisp white t-shirt with a ballgown skirt and tatty denim jacket combo? Still one of my faves. The wedding dress with hi-top trainers? Been there, done that, got the pictures. Impeccably tailored blazer and heels with boyfriend jeans and a logo t-shirt? Big tick. And the pretty pleated midi-skirt with grandpa knit jersey? Blessed SJP, yes, yes, a thousand times yes! While I love all of these looks, the one that I aspire to wearing more of this winter has to be daytime sequins. Rebellious without being alienating, cool without being unattainable, just the right amount of eccentric, I LOVE this look. A smattering – or avalanche – of sequins is also just the thing to counter all the blah that’s out there right now. And I love the idea of wearing something that is so traditionally posh and reserved for evening whenever you damn well please and with whatever you want. Sequins on the school run, sequins to the office, sequins to lunch, sequins to the shops, heck, even sequins on a jog. It’s time to rise and shine.

    HOW TO Get Your Sparkle On… 
    1. Look out  for tops and skirts with a dash of shimmer in the shops and online. Spree and Superbalist have a couple of cute items right now.
    2. Pair sparkly tops with distressed denim and trainers.
    3. Visit the fabric store and do some DIY tailoring (or find a tailor) to give your t-shirts, jeans, blazer or oversized sweater a touch of easy embellishment.
    4. Second-hand clothing stores (proper vintage shops that smell a bit of mothballs) are also a trove of sequin shawls, jackets and mother-of-the-bride dresses that can be disassembled to use the fabric for a bespoke skirt or coat.
    5. An oversized jersey with a sequin skirt is a winning combo.
    6. If your style is more understated, then a handbag or shoes with sequin detailing are cute ways to get your sparkle on.

    PicMonkey Collage-39

    PicMonkey Collage-40

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    PicMonkey Collage-48

    PicMonkey Collage-49

    PicMonkey Collage-50

    PicMonkey Collage-51

    PicMonkey Collage-52
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  • 6 Comments to “Daytime Sparkle”

    1. lisa on

      Love this but think I would look like a retard trying to pull off this look … #inspired!! 😉

    2. Yvonne on

      Love it!

    3. Mandy Allen on

      Inspired? DIY ideas right here

    4. Gillian Fuller on

      Why not? But it’s the skirts I love!

    5. Bee Soboil on

      love, love xx

    6. Lalannie on

      aaah, I wanna get my sparkle on!!!

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