• Hi lovelies, you may have noticed on the blog that Mandy and i are pretty much obsessed with pegboards – we love them!! And since i’m in the midst of nesting up a storm in our new house, i thought i’d share some freaking fabulous new pegboard ideas. Take a look…


    I spotted this pegboard planter over on the always-inspirational Oh Joy yesterday – click here for the how to


    Then, i found this giant pegboard project – i mean come on!! Love it. I’m far too lazy to do something like this – far easier to hope on over to Mono to order some of their fab pre-made ones in beautiful birch wood.


    Have we shared this beautiful cross stitched beauty before? If so, enjoy the repeat hit of beauty – if not – holy macaroni is it not beauteous?!!! Found it here


    Here’s another oversized pegboard project – how about cladding a whole wall? Pic from here


    And…let’s just stay on the oversized pegboard train…here’s another. From here.


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