• Morning lovelies. It’s Mandy here. Whenever the holidays roll around, so does my intention to do something fun and maker-ish with my kids. My eldest son is not really one for sitting down to a craft project and is more into tending his veggie garden, the baby will just try to eat the paint and run away with the scissors, but my daughter will definitely be keen to try one of these quirky and cool ideas for kids’ play and bedroom spaces that look to me (with the exception of the fab pine desk a little further down) to be pretty simple and doable.

    Colourful Customised Lamp Frame
    We’ve all seen and fallen in love with those whimsical stripped-down lamp frames with the little birds that cost a fortune at the decor stores, but they’re pretty easy to make on your own. You can de-fabric (is that a word?) a lamp frame or find one already stripped down at a second hand store. Then stock up on pom-poms (home made or store bought), visit the Chinese and Crazy stores for knick-knacks and figurines, add some sequins and glitter, maybe some pretty coloured ribbon, and voila. Coloured electrical wire adds extra flair.

    Framed Figurine
    I have two ornate mirror frames lying around (without the mirrors inside) that I keep staring at and thinking ‘meh’, but now I know what I’m going to do with them. Spray paint the frame (you can find this kind of orange frame at just about any junk shop or flea market like Milnerton), then spray paint a kitschy wall mountable figurine in a different colour, and create a 3-D style installation.

    Figurine Hang-It-Alls
    A little bit of customising, glueing and voila, you’ve made cool wall plaques that are also functional. While I’ve seen wall plaques every now and again in the decor stores and places like Typo, it’s also not such a mission to find your local carpenter and ask them to make up three simply shaped plaques. Then raid the stores for wooden or plastic (or even lightweight ceramic) forest animal figurines, get busy with spray paint, attach them securely to the also spray painted plaque (I would use a drill rather than an adhesive as you don’t want a bunny falling off and bonking your toddler on the head).

    Upcycled Stationery Holders
    Cuteness. Cut animal shapes from used soda bottles (a box cutter or art scalpel probably achieves a neater effect but sharp scissors are fine too); paint with acrylic paint and leave to dry, cut out some coloured in paper shapes and use permanent makers for the details and you’ve got a happy animal family to keep all your clutter. 
    Birds On A Wire Window Decoration
    A cheerful window decoration idea that you could easily do with paper and washi tape or make it more permanent with Sharpies or glass markers.
    Fluoro Customised Figurine Drawer Handles
    J’adore this take on reassigning animal figurines by painting them and giving them a funky and functional purpose. You may need a DIY guy or gal to help with the drilling/attaching bit, but it’s an idea that’s super achievable and unbelievably cool.
    7 Washi Wonderfulness
    A little washi tape, creatively applied, turns a functional corner into a child’s room into an imaginative, appealing space for fantasy play.  8
    Art Desk Brilliance
    I absolutely love this dedicated drawing table made out of home improvement store basics: pine boards and brackets. A cheap and cheerful and genius and seriously good looking idea. Perhaps not a weekend DIY project, but one that’s worth stealing anyway to show to your local handyman.

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    1. lameez on

      Good morning , this is amazing quirky projects and I lov it so much. You just gave me so many ideas what I can do with my kids extra space 🙂

    2. Bevin le Roux on

      Love all thes esuper cute ideas Vix…

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