• So we have a bit of a situation in our household. Little Miss Charley Bird loves her cot – until the early hours of the morning when she screams blue murder. No amount of shushing and trying to get her to go back to sleep works until…she comes to our bed. At which point she passes out within seconds!! It’s got me to thinking whether putting her in her own bed wouldn’t make for a btter night’s sleep for The Captain and I (he swears he’s awake ALL night which is amazing since i didn’t realise you could snore while awake!). Charley likes to sleep with her head (which feels like its made of concrete at 3am in the morning) on me and her feet either jammed up The Captain’s nostrils or firmly into the back of his neck. At what age can you move a baby into their own bed? I’m thinking that it might help her to sleep better (one lives in hope). Either way – it means i’ve got kids beds on the brain – here are some of the ones i like.


    I love this bed – there’s a built in rail so nobody falls out, there’s the bunk bed element without the scary height plus there’s the storage element underneath!


     Mandy got me to thinking about floors on the bed since she has them in her kids rooms – i love the idea!


    How cute?!


    I’ve shared this before but i wanted to again because of the cute old-fashioned flavour of this bed and the lovely colours in the bedroom as a whole


    Too sweet!


    House beds are huge news!


    Here’s a bed on the floor


    Another house that’s a bed on the floor



  • 8 Comments to “Cute Kids Beds”

    1. Donyale on

      The beds with sides look so snug and cozy, I want a grown up sized version!

    2. Bevin le Roux on

      Gorgeous kids rooms and beds…hmmm ideas for Stellies…

      p.s. Aerin does exactly the same, horizontal across us… big bed could be your answer but also means you get visitors at all hours of the morning…I pop her straight back into her bed..

    3. jO on

      OH MY WORD!!!! had a good giggle – my husband also snores while awake!!!!
      we put my oldest Kai in a bed at 18months – he loved it and stayed put until about 5am when he would come toddling through to our room – too cute!
      good luck

    4. Leigh-Ann on

      Jason went into a big bed surrounded by pillow sat 10months as he used to thrash around his cot and wake himself up! He never climbed out…. Till he was about 4!
      Henry is going to be in his cot till his teens, no ways I am letting that child loose…..

    5. Rose McClement on

      I had to laugh, because my eldest daughter has the ‘ three in a bed’ philosophy. When the second one came along, three converted into 4 – from day one. And that is how it was for simply ages. Eventually the children went into their own beds, still in the same room. Oh my word – but it works for their family.
      I have learnt a ton of new parenting methods just watching her parent. One of which is that, like with every other development stage, children go at different knots – each has her / his pace. Interestingly enough, the other thing I learnt was that often children do what Charlie does, because it is their way of claiming time with you. Particularly if you are a working parent. Having no concept of time, 3 am seems as good a time as any. #justsaying – Hopefully – this too shall pass.

    6. lameez on

      I love the 1st pic and old fashion bed , This can be a challenge to get our kids out our bed to their own own cot/bed .I start at a early age with my boys to sleep in their own beds ,They still snuggle in by us now and then but soon lights out they want go to their room in bed by themselves. I hav twingirls(7months) and beds is on my mind for a while now cos both growing way to fast and lov sleeping in our bed/their brothers beds and fall asleep in seconds. Thank u for sharing 🙂

    7. Belinda McCall on

      Toddler Bed from Nest. A cleverly designed bed that grows with your child. A great transition from cot to ‘big’ bed, helping your child feel safe and secure. The high sides prevent your child falling out of bed and the ingenious slat system allows the bed to extend when your child is ready. Made from solid pine with a white lacquered finish. Includes a foam mattress that divides into 3 sections allowing it to fit the bed at each adjustable length. A single under bed drawer is also included for adding extra storage. See more at: http://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/all-bedroom-furniture/classic-toddler-starter-bed-with-mattress-drawer-by-stompa

    8. Alex on

      Ah Viks, I so remember those days! The one thing about going from cot to bed is she may still wake in the early hours but she’ll just get up and toddle into your room…

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